Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Lights Blink A Bright Red, Green...and Pink

Well, my little family survived our ovenless Thanksgiving just fine - thanks to an electric roaster loan from a friend.   I'm trying to finish up the leftovers as quickly as possible so I can start my holiday diet. 

Oddly, I tend to gain weight in the summer and then lose it during the winter months.  I'm counting on that happening again this year!

My incentive is this great Mad Men era two-piece dress that I bought at an estate sale yesterday. The 60's label: "Carl Naftal Original - California."

I can just barely squeeze into it right now...and I wouldn't want to risk wearing it until I've lost about 10 pounds...but I can already tell it's going to look great! 
The dress is in a textured Dacron Polyester, and it has these wonderful sparkly gold and green rhinestone buttons on the pockets. Even though this is sleeveless, I think it could be great for a holiday party - especially with a vintage fur collar or wrap for a little extra warmth.  What do you think?

Here are some more greens and reds to help unleash your Christmas spirit!

Everything you see here will be up for grabs at Sarsaparilla's Boudoir (Etsy) or Sarsaparilla on eBay either tonight (Sunday) or sometime during the coming week.

Musical 1960's Hickory Dickory Christmas Clock with Dancing Santa; Made In Japan

Vintage 1960's "Cherry Humps" Candy Bars Display Box; Schuler Chocolates Inc, Winona, Minn.

Vintage 1940's, 50's Dutch Boy & Girl Salt/Pepper - Made in Japan - never used! - F. W. Woolworth 39 cents price tag on hat

Simplicity 1950's Sewing Pattern 2757 - Skirt & Weskit

"In the Rough" Golf Balls of Pure Castille Soap; 1955 by MEM Company, NY

1950's Harold Gale 14" Display Santa Claus

Olga Baclanova - June 1929 Photoplay - (Cover illustration only) 

"Night Before Christmas" - 1958 Whitman book - illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship

1960's Red knit two-piece dress: "Lofties, Designed by Lawrence"

Vintage 60's Christmas Elf Apron

The Four Seasons of Romance - Fanny Farmer Candies Vintage Tin

And here's a bit of Holiday Pink for good measure!

10" Magic Skin "Snookie" Baby Doll - by Ideal - 1951 to 1955; with original box!

Retro Pastel Christmas Trees Hankie, pink rolled edge

Vintage Pink Flamingo Ornament, Spun Cotton & Feathers

All this color! But sometimes the best things in life are in black and white...

Here's Bing Crosby in a 1965 Christmas special singing "Wonderful White World of Winter."  Love the dancers in the first number!   If this were about two years later, the women would probably have long hair and go-go boots, instead of suits & hats.

Hope your first week of December is a merry one!


  1. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. And proud of you for overcoming "seller's block". I'm sure your lovely antiques will fetch a nice price. Take care Susan and have a relaxing holiday season!

  2. gorgeous green outfit, I know it will look terrif
    on you Susan, gorgeous with your dark hair and beautiful eyes. Such cute and sweet items for your Etsy shop :)
    wishing you another wonderful week

  3. That flamingo ornament and the green suit are making me want to cry, they are so fabulous, I absolutely adore them. xxx

  4. love the 60s dress you got yourself! How cute is that flamingo!!!

  5. Hello Susan....!

    THANKS so much for your note Lovey....I can't wait to wear it rather than have it just sit on my bedise table.... :o) !!

    I'm LOVIN' your GORGEOUS Green number & HEARTILY agree....Very VERY Mad Men....I bet you'll look SMASHING....!

    Don't you just LOVE the graphics on vintage patterns....I
    ts easy to understand why we enjoy collecting them....!!

    I look forward to catching up with you soon....!!

    Have an AWESOME week....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. Ohhh i need to say hi and wow love the green dress just gorg and love 50s and 60's clothes and also 70's fabrics i own a few vintage items infact the only dresses i buy or make are vintage. And the book "the night before xmas" i would love that, i have a modern copy that i read to my boys every year on christmas eve its a little tradition, i would love to flick through those pages with love and gentleness. A lovely blog, Take care Dee ;-)

  7. Pants it won't let me follow you for some reason says its to large what ever that means, i will be back another time. Dee

  8. Michael - Hope you have a relaxing holiday season too...

    Jann - you're so sweet, as always!

    Vix - I "cry" whenever I visit your blog because everything you wear is so fab...

    Tamarah - not so sure I'll look smashing in the dress, although my daughter did give it the thumbs-up - and she usually snubs most of my vintage finds.

    Delia - I'm so glad you stopped by - and thank you for the kind words! Sorry you had a problem with following. "Too large"? - that's odd...

  9. Yesterday I asked my husband "Did this Thanksgiving make my butt look big?", and there was a long pause.....I need to get in gear and lose 10 pound too! Well, thanks for the colorful inspiration. I think "Cherry Humps" is one unappetizing name for a treat, probably the only thing I wouldn't want to eat......

  10. O,my,that kelly green polyester number is to die for!! OOOOOOO! Perfect for drinking eggnog in!

  11. I absolutely love that lime green two-piece! What a gorgeous dress :)

  12. how sweet!! i'm off to bed, so your post i hope will bring thoughts of sugar plums dancing in my head...instead of bill
    love it all!!! thanks for sharing.

  13. Mitzi - 10 lbs seems to be the magic number. When I was 10 lbs lighter than I am now, I was saying to myself - "If only I could lose 10 lbs." :-)

    Helga - yes, that's definitely the kind of dress you'd wear to a 60's office Christmas party while getting a little drunk on eggnog!

    Lidian, VintageSue - Hope you're enjoying the holiday season... Sue, visions of "how am I going to pay the bills?" have been dancing around in my head too, especially now that my kids have left and are no longer contributing to helping me pay the mortgage! But I will survive. :-)

  14. I missed that tree hankie by 23 minutes!! Oh well... I'm just glad the etsy store is becoming a success!

    And I love the green top and skirt. Best of luck on the 10 pounds.


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