Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Color of Love

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon (probably shouldn't be, but I've chosen to make it that way) and I've been having some fun collecting vintage fashion images that make me smile.

In honor of Valentine season, I bring you...
The Lady in Red

Vogue - January 1953

- from a 1959 issue of Vogue,  herecomesthesky

1940's Carnival Chalkware - Snow White  (from my collection)

Pictorial Review magazine, April 1933  (from my collection)

Late 1950's "Plastichrome" Postcard    (from my collection)

Illustrator, Gil Elvgren - via Coca Cola Art Gallery

Vintage Coca-Cola ad - via PictureStore

sparkling vintage Coca-Cola ad, via The Mad Jewess

Hope you all have a little red dress, or a little red something that makes you happy when you wear it...

Have a lovely week,


  1. nice! I wonder if I can rustle up some red this week...
    I love that sleek red velvet number- so fitted the poor model can't even sit in the chair properly!

  2. gorgeous!!!! thanks for sharing these!

  3. Lovely!! The 1959 Vogue is my fav with the coca cola frame dress a close second!

  4. What a lovely collection of pics! I like posts like this too.

    I wear red everyday, my hair, which reminds me must dye it today!

  5. What glamour and beauty! I love your Snow White dolly and the Lucky Strike girl, she looks like she's wearing a sari. xxx

  6. Lili - I was thinking that when I wrote this (red is the new black) but I was waiting for someone else to say it. :)

    Fiona - Funny that you say that about your hair because initially my theme was going to be focused on beautiful red heads. I could have featured YOU!

  7. Red will definitely perk you up when you wear it!

  8. that red velvet dress is amazing!!!!

  9. Susan! Looong time no see... So sorry for missing out on your blogging - but I have been in a terrible state og queasyness and deadly tired...

    Just LOVED the Gil Elvgreen for Coca Cola...

    I will try to keep up in the future!

    Hugs Luna

  10. Luna - You poor thing! I was a little worried that might have been the problem. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon. I see that you have a new post, and an adorable picture! I am eager to stop by...

  11. Susan,
    This is brilliant! Wonderful post.

  12. snow white and totally love that lucky strike ad. how fun!! too bad smoking is unhealthy and not chic anymore. my husband gets mad at me all the time because i say i miss smoking. i do. rhinestones and a smoke....and a coke. lol.

  13. Wonderful images, and your Snow White is awesome! I used to collect carnival chalkware and have a white example, but I like yours much better!

  14. That sparkling Coke girl looks a little like you. Love them all, but especially the girl who's coming out of the frame. It's a good thing we have Valentine's Day in February to help us get through this cold and snowy month.

  15. The first beautiful lady has a striking resemblance to you (consider this a compliment)except for the hair and eye color.
    Stunning (girl crush ;) )

    Much Love friend,
    Elise x

  16. aww yay! such a cute post ; )


  17. Yup, every day, on my lips - red lipstick! I think that you do indeed bear a resemblance to the lady in the first pic. Luuuuurve huh - I will be making some luuuuurve (think Barry White!) cup cakes this year! xx

  18. Dear Susan,
    Thanks for such a beautiful post! Your posts are like works of art!
    Sheila and Sherrill

  19. Hello Susan!
    By some unfortunate mistake, I first destroied my design (bah) - and when I tried to fix it - I managed to eliminate it all together! (Is this possible, you might think, is).
    This is my new blog - poorly design so far, but I hope we can continue our delightful friendship!
    Big hugs from Luna Darling

  20. Thanks ALL for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying these Ladies in Red...

    I'm beaming over the comment that I look a little like the lady in the first pic - especially because she's about 25 years younger than me!

    Vintage Sue - Yes, too bad smoking is not in vogue anymore. Not that I've ever been a smoker myself, but I adore vintage cigarette ads and cases and lighters...

    Lady Cherry - I hope you'll share your Valentine's Day luuuurve cupcakes with us!

  21. red is symbolize in love and passion, hot. the girl who's coming out of the frame, she's perfect.



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