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Pajama Games and Pillow Talk: Doris Day Inspired Lingerie

Doris Day was the quintessential "Girl Next Door" movie star - sweet and spunky, sexy but wholesome - and absolutely adorable...

Photo from squallyshowers

I've always loved Doris Day, so I didn't hesitate to nab this album when I spotted it for $1.00 at Half Price Books a few months back.  The record is a bit scratched, but I bought it mainly for the record jacket which features Miss Day in a little heart print night shirt from her 1957 film, The Pajama Game.

What is it about Doris and pajama-themed movies?  Here she is again in the 1959 film Pillow Talk with co-star Rock Hudson.

Photo from Hooked on Houses, a blog that features movie and television homes.
Doris in a sweet little baby blue peignoir set.  Is that a Bloody Mary next to the phone on her pink countertop?  See what I mean - sweet but spunky!

Contributed by YouTube's FloridaFilmFestival

This Pillow Talk trailer captures some of the fun from the movie.
Best line from a favorite scene: "Are you getting out of that bed, or am I coming in after you!"

Like Doris Day, I've also been stuck on a pajama theme lately.   During the past several months, I can't seem to get my hands on any quality vintage dresses, suits or blouses at reasonable prices. But I've hit the jackpot with lingerie! 

 For a single girl who currently only shares her bed with musty stacks of vintage magazines and catalogs - I've certainly got quite the stash of sheer and sexy vintage nighties and robes hanging in my closet.

And if I looked as sexy in them as Doris Day, I'd be happy to model them for you! But I think it's best if I pass off the modeling to my faithful dress form, Donna...

Short pink nylon peignoir set.  This could have come right out of the 1959 Pillow Talk movie!


A mid- 1950's nylon slip
It has a gorgeous bodice of lacy embroidered netting.

And a pretty blue bow and nylon tricot pleating at the bottom, with a sheer lacy overlay.  Gorgeous!

Here's one of my favorites, a sheer nylon robe, probably from the mid 1950's.  Label: "Dressmaker Designed by Radcliffe" 

I love the big bow at the neck...

All that lace!  So pretty and feminine...

I love bed jackets!  This sweet little lilac number has a "Van Roalte" label.

Look at this 5-inch wide band of lace on the sleeves.  
There's no such thing as too much lace on vintage lingerie!

The sun washed out the soft pink color in this photo.  But isn't it pretty? This very sheer 1950's nylon gown is by "Colura."

Here's a view from the back, showing off the pretty pink bow.

We move from soft pink to baby blue, and from the 50's to (I think) the 60's with this vintage Olga gown.
This is from their "Sleeping Pretty" line of lingerie.  The label: "Behind every Olga, there really is an Olga."

It has a softly padded built-in bra, and fits like a dream!

And now we're suddenly in the Mod world of the mid-1960's with this colorful pastel sleeveless nightie.
Underneath the sheer diagonal panels of pink, green and blue is another layer of pink nylon. This gown has a "Deena" label.

Here's a view from the back.  Simple design, perfect for the 60's.

And finally, let's move back in time about 20 years, to the mid 1940's.
"Gay printed Rayon Crepe Ensemble in floral print. Gown has soft flattering fullness over bust and pointed midriff. Bias cut skirt follows body contours to hip line, then flows out into graceful folds."
Montgomery Ward catalog - Spring and Summer 1943.

And here's my very own rayon crepe floral gown, purchased from an estate sale a few weeks ago.

I've never had a bias cut gown before. Even I look glamorous in it. :-)

Aren't these shoulder straps interesting?

Can you see why this one's my favorite?

So, as you can see, I've got quite the movie star wardrobe for a girl-next-door type like me.  Now my next step is to find something a bit cozier than magazines to curl up next to at night. 

Oh least I'm sleeping pretty.


  1. Love them all! But the 40's one is particularly special--I really love the shoulder straps on that one!

  2. That first Doris Day photo is so special, I think, she is such a natural unphotoshopped beauty. I love the nylon nighties too! When I was a little girl my neighbor used to have that Barbie outfit: pale blue see through nylon nighty and ditto negligee with the high heels with blue poms. I was so planning to be like Barbie, even at night, but unfortunately; here I am in my big T on crocs!! I cannot sleep in nylon.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  3. All so glamourous but I particularly like the sheer 1950s robe, wow!

  4. People were even glamorous when sleeping before.... so pretty!

  5. Loving the lingerie! I have a 40s satin quilted dressing gown that I love to parade around the house just feel more beautiful in vintage lingerie ;-)

  6. gee gosh! That's just sooo awesome! I think my favourites are the second one and "Olga's (of the Sleeping pretty-line)" I envy you that much!! Your Donna is pretty lucky to wear all this beautyful stuff! :")

  7. These are all so cute! I love those materials too. They really are comfortable and make you feel sexy! And they flow and catch onto their air, showing the rhythm of your movements. My favourite is the pastel one. I saw Bjork wear something like that on a youtube performance and I thought it was so awesome. Man, can you start going shopping for me?

  8. Nice of y'all to stop by. Interesting that each of you had a different favorite...

    Loveable, I'd love to go on an estate sale shopping trip with you sometime. :-)

    Kim, how fun that you have a 40's satin dressing gown! That's definitely on my wish list.

    Lili, I fell in love with that Barbie outfit too, especially the high heel slippers with pom poms! I never seem to come across vintage slippers at estate sales...

  9. Love your blog glad i found you.

    Pardon my interruption, but I am looking for folks that have either "Retro Sewing Blogs" or "Nostalgia Blogs" for an article I am working on . Please send your suggestions to me at

    kitsch n Stuff

    P.S. I have also added you to my blog roll and hope you will visit me and add me to yours.

  10. Doris Day is so pretty! I love her. As a girly boy for me she was the feminity herself. I adore her! And no doubt about the pink nylon is my favourite, is wonderful.

  11. i do believe that is a bloody mary next to her phone. back in the day, a bloody mary was an essential part of breakfast!! everyone smoke and drank on the big screen back then.
    love those gowns!! i used to collect vintage nightgowns and WEAR them, but now i just look dumb in i still have a small collection though.
    thanks for such a fun post.

  12. too beautiful. May i ask - why and when were bedjackets worn? xx

  13. Hello there! Haha, I just have to say this, even if it is a bit.. off - but - when I saw that first pic of DD, my first thought was that I really wanted to pinch those cheeks in that old fashion granny way and say "Oh, you are just so adorable" *blushing*. But she was such a natural, and had such a ... inner glow?

    What a beautiful collection you have! And I can very much understand why that floral gown is your favourite...gosh - it's stunning! Wish you a wonderful saturday, Sarsaparilla :)

  14. Luna - Funny, but I felt the same way about that Doris Day photo. That's why I used the word "adorable" to describe her!

    Annie - Bed Jackets can be worn for practical reasons, for extra warmth or coverage in a cool bedroom. (For instance, when you're sitting up in bed reading...) But some are strictly ornamental. They're just one more pretty filmy layer to wear over a negligee - and add no warmth at all! - as is the case with my lilac bed jacket.

    VintageSue - I look pretty silly in some of the lingerie I own too. But I'm single - so I'm the only one who is laughing.

  15. Thank for Pajama games, also check as well.


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