Saturday, August 28, 2010

1946 Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

It's Saturday morning, and I'm trying to stir up a little fun.  Fun for me, anyway... :-)

A big stack of 1940's Good Housekeeping magazines that I purchased on eBay arrived in the mail earlier this week, and as I was paging through a 1946 issue I stumbled across an ad that made me do a double take:

This is the top half of a full-page ad.  "I'm going to grow a hundred years old......Thank your doctor and thousands like him...that you and yours may enjoy a longer better life."

Can you guess what's on the bottom half - and what they're advertising here?

A logical guess might be...

...Life Insurance?

Or maybe something healthy like...

...Campbell's vegetable soup.

...or Welch's Grape Jelly?

Nope! about something a doctor might recommend to encourage good digestion, at every age...

Phillips' Milk of Magnesia?

Nope, not even close.

Well, this is a stretch.  Kodak pictures last a lifetime - could that be it?


Well, how about an ad with "Lovely Sally Carleson and How She Grew"...using doctors' advised Ivory Soap?

No again.

Anyone want to take a stab at guessing what advertisement the little girl who is going to live to be 100 - thanks to her doctor - belongs in?

Believe me, no guess will be a stupid one.  Only a 1940's "Mad Men" advertising mind could come up with this connection.


  1. I say a child's laxative....for some reason there are always a ton of laxative ads in my vintage magazines! Which I guess is not surprising if you see some of the food recipes :-) hehehe

  2. Debi - Good guess, but no that's not it... It is funny though how many laxative ads there are in these old magazines.

  3. Hi Lexy, thanks for guessing. But no it's not a milk ad. But they did have some great milk ads back then - with "milk moustaches" similar to the 1990's "Got Milk" ad campaign.

  4. Love this post and your site! I guess some nasty soda or 'health" drink.

  5. Hello capability - thanks for stopping by!

    No, it's not something you drink.
    But all three of you are on the right track in one respect: it is something that enters your mouth.

  6. I love this post as much as I love the comments!!
    I'll try a thermometer!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  7. Lili - I wish it were a thermometer...

    Linda, oh dear is right - it's a cigarette ad! I told you I did a double take.

    I'll post the full ad in a moment.

    Happy Sunday!

  8. Messy Missy - Do you really? We should share notes. I'm totally obsessed with old magazines and catalogs right now, and they're starting to take over my home!


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