Sunday, August 29, 2010

Frigidaire presents the "Vintage Queen for a Day" Award to...

...Linda of The Paper Collector!


Linda correctly guessed that the little girl in the top half of this July 1946 Good Housekeeping advertisement ... part of a cigarette ad!

Here's what's on the bottom half...

And both halves together in the full ad...

So...what's the (shaky) 1940's logic here?

A. Your doctor and thousands like him are toiling ceaselessly to ensure that you have a longer, better, healthier life.

B. More doctors prefer to smoke Camels than any other brand of cigarette.

C. Doctor knows best! (assumed)

D. Therefore, smoking Camels will ensure that you have a longer, better, healthier life - and live to be 100!

If you too would like a chance at becoming Vintage Queen for a Day...keep your eyes open for future vintage quizzes.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Unbelievable!

    congrats to Linda!

  2. Wow, thanks! Love the gold crown!
    And good grief, were those tobacco companies absolutely shameless or what.

  3. Linda, I'll bet you look lovely in the gold crown. :-)

    Lexy, YES just like Mad Men! There were advertising mad men back in the 40's too...

  4. Amazing, Susan. I am horrified at the doctor ad!


  5. Suz,
    I'm horrified too...but at the same time, not all that surprised.

  6. if only we could still smoke and pretend it is good for us!!!! those were the days....right? actually, i'm so glad we KNOW better now. how funny. doctors approval!!! bad doctor....shame on your...camels of all brands with no filter!! what was everyone thinking back then?
    thanks for stopping by!! i'm loving your blog!!
    take care

  7. Susan,
    I am going to add you, too! I hope to nap a picture soon and write an entry around it...and of course, give you credit and tell about meeting you!

  8. Hehe I can't help but laugh at that cigarette commercial!

  9. Anyone know if the girl actually did live to be 100? Seems like now people are reaching that age.


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