Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vintage Cool: Spun-Lo Rayon Panties, a French Riviera bikini and Seagram's "Alaska 7"

I know this is silly, but I'm feeling a little guilty about not writing quite as often as I used to.  A while back, in a moment of overly optimistic enthusiasm, I decided to post a "Blogging Calendar" featuring different topics I planned to write about on each day of the week.

A new post each day of the week!   What was I thinking?  Lately I'm lucky if I manage to sneak in two. 

I have lots of good excuses.  But this past week the main problem was the weather.  It's been so bleepin' HOT - at least by Midwestern standards.  And the only air conditioning I have in my home is one little window air conditioner for the entire first floor.

It does manage to keep that level relatively cool. But unfortunately my computer is on the second floor where I have no air at all. So sometimes as I walk up the stairs, I feel as if I'm walking up to HELL. Not a great environment for inspiring creativity at the computer!

Should I get another air conditioner for my second floor?  I've been debating for years.  But I'm a Minnesotan.  And we Minnesotans pride ourselves on not only tolerating, but relishing, the extremes in weather - both hot and cold.  

So forget the air conditioner.  I think I just need to get creative with finding other ways to cool down.

If I start dressing for the weather, I should be just fine.

Let's see what else I have in my closet.  Oh yeah, I forgot about this little number that I bought in 1959 on my trip to the French Riviera. 

Oh, that's so much better. Now all I need is a nice cool drink.  Let's see, what do I have in my fridge...

An ice cold beer should do the trick!

Or there's this nifty new idea called a "float" that I've been dying to try out.  Maybe I can fix up a Seven-Up Float for me and the Boys...

Better yet, after a long day of work, I deserve to just relax and be served.

A Coke?  C'mon boys, you know me better than that.  How about something with a little kick to it?

Gin, gin and more gin...

Say boys, you know what I could go for in a really big way? - A nice cool Alaska 7.

Here's the recipe:  Juice of 1 lemon; 2 teaspoons sugar; 1 generous jigger Seagram's 7 Crown.  Shake well, pour over ice cubes in 8 oz. highball glass. Add Seven-Up or ginger ale to top. Garnish with slice of orange and sprig of mint, if desired.

Mmm...I'm all better now.  And guess what?  After all that complaining, the temperature dropped down to a comfortable 81 degrees today. 

Oh well, now I'm prepared for the next heat wave...

Video courtesy of YouTube's DinahIsMyGal

"After all, a girl is... well, a girl. It`s nice to be told you`re successful at it." - Rita Hayworth
 This quote and more from Divas: The Site

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  1. If you need to cool down, come over to Norway. We've had the crappiest summer ever.. I had to start using self tanning creme just to get a slight tan! I'm very jealous of your heat wave, hehe, we can swap climate whenever you want to!

  2. Hail hail, sister! (Yes, Miss Kristiansen is in fact, my sister!).
    But to your intro - I would much rather read a couple of posts a week that is GOOD, and made with love, than these "5 posts a day bloggers" that doesn't really give me anything!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Miss K -
    Others in Minnesota who read this post will laugh and say, it hasn't been so hot! But they all have air conditioning in their homes and don't realize that when the temperatures are in the 90's for a few days, a house with no air starts to heat up like an oven.

    I'd love to spend a summer in Norway. I don't spend a lot of time outside, and never get a tan - so your weather would be perfect for me. Yes, let's swap!

  4. I'm beeing down right rude here - because I really wanted to thank you for your sweet reply on my Breakfast at Tiffany's post! Thank you! It made my day! Have a nice day yourself :)

  5. Hehe okay I'll just send a bit of Norwegian climate over now, if you send me some Minnesota?

  6. This post is quite funny! Maybe you should come to Colorado for a few days. We've finally started having cooler days and we don't have to run the AC most of the days. All the pictures were fantastic and your comments on them were as well. :)

  7. Luna - and thank you for stopping by. You made my day too! It was so much fun to discover blogging sisters.

    GreatOldThings - Thanks for the sweet compliment. Glad you appreciated the humor. I think I probably got a bit too caught up in the fantasy of having a quartet of boys on hand to serve my every whim.

    I'd love to visit Colorado - any time of the year!

  8. There's nothing like gin hanging on the clothesline! Thanks for the cooling post.

  9. well im going to alaska

    1. its so cold there but at least i wont be hot


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