Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vintage Birthday Fun: "She could see no good reason to act her age..."

I just had a birthday this past week. (Whoopee!)  Actually, I would have happily let this one slip by unnoticed, but I can always count on my kids and a few friends and co-workers to make sure I don't forget.

The card above was from a dear friend who knows I'm crazy about antiques - and so he always finds the cutest vintage-inspired birthday cards for me.  

Last year, knowing that I was feeling a little traumatized by a milestone birthday, he gave me the card above.  She's been a permanent fixture on my refrigerator since then - and every time I look at that confident twinkle in her eyes, I feel inspired. 


Oh my!  Watch your language, young lady!

This magnet is posted on a file cabinet in my office. Yes, it's from the same friend.  I hope y'all have a good friend in your life who keeps you feeling young and sassy.  ;-)

I just have to share a recent find with you - a fun collection of vintage birthday napkins!  They're all from the 50's and early 60's.

Here's Space Pilot, Two-Gun Pete and Annie Oakley!

This is so cool!  Look at the poodle on the star...

With Western TV shows like Davy Crockett (mid 1950's) and Daniel Boone (mid 1960's), "Cowboys and Indians" were a popular theme for children's birthday parties.

I always wanted to have drum majorette boots like this...
Here's a jazzy Mickey Mouse-inspired birthday napkin.  Fun!
I'm a doll collector, so this 1959 napkin is one of my favorites.  It's a Ginny doll birthday party, and you can see at the bottom that "Ginny's Pup" was invited.
And who can resist good ol' Yogi Bear...

...and the Flintstones!  Both are dated 1962.

For some reason, I was never a huge fan of cartoons when I was a kid.  But I always enjoyed the Flintstones.  My favorite episode was the one that featured Ann Margrock as Pebble's babysitter who transformed into a rock star.  I remember thinking as a kid that Ann Margrock was just the coolest thing on earth! 

I'm pretty sure I had no idea that there was a real live Ann Margrock in the form of sexy Ann-Margret. 

Enjoy the show...


  1. I always loved that episode of the Flintstones, thanks for posting the YouTube clip!

  2. hey Happy Birthday, I know how that is when you'd rather forget, but I think celebrate it ALL!

  3. Happy Birthday, (my daughters is this week.)
    The Napkins are so sweet, I love the dolls.

  4. Happy Birthday Susan!! Age ain't nothing but a number...

  5. Happy vintage birthday!!;-)

  6. Happy Belated! I want the Disney napkin! These are remarkably well preserved. However do you stumble upon this stuff?!

  7. All: Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!

    Kim - I'm glad to know that someone else remembers this Flintstone's episode...

    Foxglove - I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday. I loved those sweet ballerina dolls you shared on your blog!

    Loveable - Have you ever been to an estate sale? If not, you should give it a try sometime. You can get some great deals. That's where I find most of my stuff, including this collection of napkins.

  8. Happy birthday, and thanks for following my blog! :)


  9. Sarsaparilla: Yes, eBay is evil, but still soooo good!! I bet vintage Sears can be a source to evilness as well, hehe, but as you said.. it's hard to stop when you first start buying stuff!
    I saw your comment on my sis' blog, it's quite cool! We live far away from eachother and don't get to spend much time together, so it's nice to keep in touch through the internet. I'm glad you like our blogs, I personally ADORE yours. So pretty :)

    (I just posted my answer here as well!)

  10. Miss K. - What a nice compliment - thank you!

    Here's to our blogs, and to evil eBay!
    (You'll laugh...I didn't mention this, but I don't just buy on eBay - I sell too.)

  11. Hahaha yeah I did laugh, that's awesome! I think evil eBay has taken more control of your brain than mine.. at least your making money on eBay, I'm just spending!




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