Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative finds from the 1920's: A Scrapbook and a Beaded Flapper Chapeau

I told you the other day that when I go to estate sales I usually ignore the living room at first (because the highest priced items are there, and aren't usually nabbed as quickly) and head directly to the bedrooms to check for possible vintage clothing, accessories or pretty linens.  

Well, my rush-to-the-bedroom strategy worked this past weekend.  I managed to be one of the first to spot this lovely flapper hat and had to have it! 

It's up for auction on eBay right now (until July 25).  If you're interested, here are the details.

My other favorite finds in the bedroom are old paper items.  Did I tell you how much I love old paper in any form?  Catalogs, brochures, booklets, magazines, books, napkins, post and greeting cards, paper dolls, matchbook covers, etc.  It all fascinates me. 

Actually, one of the best places to find old paper is in the basement. If a paper item hasn't been brought up from the basement to the main floor by the estate sale team - it's usually undervalued, sometimes unmarked, and almost always a great deal.

I found some wonderful old paper at a great price last weekend, and I didn't even have to venture beyond the bedroom for it.  I bought four wonderful scrapbooks filled with lovely magazine clippings from the 1920's (or possibly the 1930's).  I've been paging through them these past few nights - falling asleep with heavenly vintage images in my head. (Much better than counting sheep!)

I'd like to share some photos from one of the scrapbooks with you today, and will continue to share more from the others in future weeks.

A simple but charming cover.

...and a very creative way of binding the pages together!

This last one is my favorite. The "ghostly" children are walking through the radiator and coming out with smiles on the other side!

There are lots more! - but I don't want to spoil you... :-)

I'm still amazed by these gorgeous and quaint illustrations each time I look at them, and I wish I knew what magazines they were clipped from.  Perhaps some are from magazines that were published for children?  I've owned several different "adult" magazines from the 1920's and 1930's and I don't recall so much color and variety.   Do I dare try and carefully remove some of the clippings from the pages and peek on the other side for clues to its origin?  I might have to do that...

For another example of a 1920's scrapbook visit An Apple A Day  (fascinating blog, take a peek - you'll love it!)

And finally, I wanted to introduce you to a lovely book on scrapbooks and their history....Scrapbooks: An American History, by Jessica Helfand.

Here the author gives us a fascinating glimpse into her own vintage scrapbook collecting experience and how she came to write the book.  YouTube video is courtesy of WinterhouseStudio.

Stop by again next Tuesday night for another peek at the Roaring Twenties. Good luck with your treasure hunting this coming weekend!


  1. Hello, my lovely, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I have to say this blogging lark is such fun and you meet the nicest people. I'm glad I came by because your blog is such a treat. I've got a bit of a thing for old paper too. I love vintage instruction books and leaflets, letters, postcards all sorts. I also have a thing for picking up discarded shopping lists! That might be taking it too far... Do drop by any time, and my brain is yours to pick (yuck!) about fabric.

  2. I just love your blog, and your current post with all the beautiful images is almost too good to be true! Old paper from the 1920's-30's is my favorite hunting ground for great art work. I love the fashions, the children's haircuts, the cars, even the dogs used in the illustrations. Tomorrow I'm going to an estate sale and I've decided to go straight to the basement.....

  3. Ivy: I agree that bloggers are the nicest people. And you're one of them! Discarded shopping lists? That does sound a little quirky, but I think I understand the intrigue. Thanks for the offer re. vintage fabric questions.

    Mitzi: And you're also one of those wonderful bloggers. I really appreciate your kind comments. I'm discovering that there are a lot of us out there who love old paper. I hope I didn't lead you astray by sending you to the basement!


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