Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wm. Silverman of New York Vintage Hat...1930's Djer Kiss Vanity Box...1950's Bathroom Curtains with Poodles!

I've had so much fun at weekend estate sales lately, I thought it was about time that I shared some of my recent purchases with you!  Welcome to Heavenly Finds Sunday - where each week I'll be showing off some of my great buys...and fabulous finds that make my heart sing...

When I walk in the door of an estate sale, usually the first place I head is the bedroom - with the hopes of finding vintage clothing or accessories.  Yesterday I found this sweet little hat, probably from the 1950's.  I am intrigued with the colored bands of mocha, dove gray, black and a hint of red at the front.  The single long black feather adds a touch of drama.

This is a Wm Silverman of New York designed hat...

I'm always intrigued by vintage clothing labels, and this one has two!

I just put this hat up for auction on eBay (bidding ends Sunday 7/18).
Click here if you'd like to take a peek...

I think these pretty sweater clips are so...nifty!  This one is still on the original card...

Here's a close-up.  Look at all the tiny pink & gold colorful confetti inside!

And here I am modeling the sweater guard with a pink sweater.  Very sweet! 

(This one is hard to give up, but I just posted it for auction on eBay.  Take a peek - the auction ends on Wednesday night, July 21.)

Here's a fabulous find, probably from the 1930's - possibly earlier...  A Djer Kiss Parfum box for your vanity!

Inside it's a lovely pinky salmon, and it has the Djer Kiss label on the lid.  I suppose this might have been a gift set, filled with talcum powder, cologne or perfume, etc.

Here's a close-up of the fabulous illustration on the cover of the box!

These next three items are my super buys of the weekend.  Each cost me just $1.00...
Okay...I'll admit that there's a catch.  One has a chip, and two have cracks - but displayed on the shelf above my piano, or in my curio cabinet, I'm the only one who will ever know!

Isn't this a lovely bud vase?  It's probably from the 1920's, maybe a bit earlier.

This porcelain vase (early 1900's, possibly as late as 1920's?)  is decorated with soft peach lustre and has a lovely transfer on the front.  Marked "Germany" on the base.  At 10" tall, it's not small.  And, yes - it was just $1.00!    I would definitely have paid more than a buck for this - but I won't complain...

Here's a close-up of the baby and little girl.  They're enchanted with the butterfly.
The baby's face is rather adult looking, wouldn't you say? But it just adds to the charm.

Isn't she lovely...

And my third $1.00 find is this pretty yellow planter, marked "Ransbottom, Roseville" on the bottom.  (Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. of Roseville, Ohio mark is often confused with Roseville Pottery Co. which was also located in Roseville, Ohio.)
I really love the nice textures on this piece.  What a deal!
The mission style plant stand, ca. 1920's or 30's, was a bit of a splurge....$8.00.

When I bought these 1950's (or 40's?) drapes, my intention was to turn around and sell them right away.  But when I brought them home, I thought I'd try them out in my bedroom - and they were perfect!

I love the subtly textured fabric, and the soft green trees against the crisp white background.  


I spend so much time in bed will be nice to have this new lovely view...

I've still got another pair of these drapes. Hmm...maybe I could be resourceful and turn them into a long matching robe - like Scarlett did in Gone With the Wind.

And finally....another set of curtains....with a very different theme.  Poodles!

When I first spotted these vintage 1950's vinyl curtains at an estate sale yesterday, I thought it was a shower curtain.  But when I held it up, I realized it was a bit too short - 54".  Plus there was a matching panel.  Clearly this was meant to be used as a bathroom curtain for the window above a bathtub. 

What makes these bathroom curtains special is that they're sprinkled with poodles!

Aren't these crazy!

I'd keep these curtains too, if I had the right window in my bathroom.  But no such luck!  So...I'm selling them on eBay this week (bidding ends Sunday, 7/18).  Click here to take a closer look at the curtains and some of my other items up for auction this week...a vintage cake topper, sewing patterns and an Oscar de la Renta scarf.

I've got lots more to share, but I think I'll save some for next Sunday!  Hope you all have a wonderful week...


  1. I love the hat and sweater clips too! Very retro. Too bad I am not rich with a credit card, otherwise I would bid on some of your stuff and other fab hats!

    Also, I keep wondering why poodles were so big in the '50s... I think this decade should have a dog craze... I vote for Great Danes... Perhaps not feminine enough.

  2. Hi Loveable,
    I don't have any money either! That's why my home is mostly decorated with $1 - $10 chipped or cracked estate sale/flea market finds.

    Great Danes? Hmmm...maybe. It's your job to start the craze. :-)

  3. What wonderful treasures! I love the parfum box and the curtains look fabulous.

  4. Hello Foxglove,
    Glad you like my treasures! I get so excited about my estate sale purchases sometimes. It's nice to have a blog so that I can share with others who appreciate them.


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