Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1928 Fashion Show and the Voice of an Angel - Annette Cranshaw

It's time for another Twenties Tuesday and an intimate look at the Roaring 20's.

This week, you're invited to a fashion show!  So grab a flop (flapperese for "take a seat") and let's watch Corliss Palmer, Raquel Torres, Laura La Plante and Ruth Elder get all dolled up to model the hottest fashions of 1928.

I think all of these fashions are the cat's meow - but if I could pick just one to own, I'd take Raquel Torres' hat and matching bag with appliqued felt flowers.  What's your favorite?

If you enjoy the fashion of the 1920's, 30's and 40's, take a peek at the glamourdaze channel on youtube.com for this video, and much more. You'll be in vintage fashion heaven!

By the way, the song from the video is called "Love Me Tonight" and is sung by Annette Hanshaw (1901-1985).  Lovely, isn't it?   Visit Annette Hanshaw: Voice of An Angel for a wonderful little website dedicated to her life and music - plus photos like this charmer:

This photo is from the Collection of Murray Kent.  She looks like a real sweetheart, doesn't she? 

Miss Hanshaw's discography (courtesy of Red Hot Jazz) includes songs like: Ain't He Sweet; Button Up Your Overcoat; Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; I Faw Down and Go 'Boom; Tip Toe Through the Tulips With Me; I Want a Good Man (and I Want Him Bad) - and many more.

Yes, there is actually a song called "I Faw Down and Go Boom."  Only in the Roaring Twenties could they get away with such nonsense!


  1. Wow! I love old footage... Colour footage from the 1920s!!! Amazing. The great thing about footage is you get to see all of the hat.

    Why aren't these a trend??! I can't find anything like this anywhere... Perhaps for the best because I'd spend all of my money.

    I love that back then the brims of women's hats were often asymmetrical. It really highlights the jawbone and wavy hair style.

  2. I agree that the asymmetrical look is what makes a lot of these hats so intriguing.

    But it also helps to have the perfect 20's wavy hair style - and to be young and beautiful like the film stars that were modeling.

    I don't think that the hat I picked would look very good on me - but I want it anyway!


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