Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sneak Preview: New on Etsy...Sarsaparilla's Boudoir!

I've learned over the years that when inspiration strikes, and the creative juices are flowing - that I need to stand out of the way and just let it flow.   If I do that, good things always come my way.

Well tonight, probably inspired by some of the wonderful vintage sellers I've been running into lately, I found myself looking into the possibility of opening up an Etsy Shop.  It started off as just an idea, something I might want to do in the future.  But suddenly I found myself playing around with shop names, and then looking for images for my shop banner.  And before I knew it, I was signing up to be an Etsy seller!

Maybe this is a little premature for me to be sharing this - because I don't have anything for sale yet!  I need to figure out exactly how Etsy works, and then get my shop set up just so before I start selling.  But I'm so excited about my new venture!  So I wanted to at least share with you the name of my shop - Sarsaparilla's Boudoir - and show you the image I created for my shop banner:

I hope you like it.  My inspiration for the name and banner was the 1923 Ribbon Art magazine that I shared with you earlier this week - the one with all those pretty ribboned "boudoir" items inside.  

I wish that I had the power to magically bring these images from the magazine to life - so that I can sell them to you!  But since that's impossible, I will be slowly stocking my new shop with some of my own "vintage lovelies."  

I'll continue to sell on eBay too.  But I'll probably mainly use that venue for my "mantiques" - like the little plastic Hong Kong cars that I'm selling right now.  Or the 1950's men's swim trunks I sold a few weeks back.  And Sarsaparilla's Boudoir on Etsy will be reserved for those vintage finds that have a distinctly feminine appeal.  Girlie stuff.  Sound like a good plan?

Now the only problem will I possibly find the time to juggle all of this!  I did tell you that from nine to five I have a real job, right?  One that has absolutely nothing to do with antiques.  So my blog and eBay and Etsy all have to be managed in the evenings & weekends. 

That makes it kind of tricky to fit in any kind of social life (i.e. men & dating). But who needs men!  Lately, I've been having so much more fun without 'em! 


  1. Can't wait to see the marvellous things I'm sure you're gonna sell in your etsy shop!!
    I'm very curious but what is your nine to five job?

  2. Hi Lexy, I work at a college, helping to raise money (from alumni, mostly) for student scholarships and new buildings on campus. My specialized area is estate planning. Exciting, huh? Actually I do enjoy it most of the time. Certainly, it's always challenging. :-)

  3. Sounds wonderful, I'm sure you will be able to juggle it somehow if it is something that you are passionate about.

  4. Hello Foxglove,
    You're right - when you're passionate about something, the hours tend to just fly...and it doesn't even feel like work!

  5. I love the Etsy concept and banner you've created. It is time consuming to get the whole Etsy store together, especially listing your items, but once you have that in place you'll be fine. This is an excellent time of year to work on your plan, because sales are typically slower in the summer. You have plenty of time to get things rolling before the busy season begins!

  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mitzi! It means a lot, coming from a pro like you...




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