Monday, February 14, 2011

A Romantic Fool...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! 

"Have A Heart--It's Leap Year" illustration by James Montgomery Flagg, from 1920 calendar, copyright Judge, New York

I love Valentine's Day for some odd reason.  I say "odd" because based on a pretty pitiful history with this day, and an unlucky love life in general - I really should hate Valentine's Day. 

But I don't.  Because I am, and probably always will be, a romantic fool... 

Just look at what greets visitors when they enter my front door and step into the porch - a 1950's wedding dress!

The dress is sort of there by accident.  I keep my mannequin in my front porch because that's where the best light is for taking photos.  And the last clothing item that I photographed in December was the wedding dress.  It looked so pretty, I decided to keep it there...

Do you think I've been frightening away potential suitors with this dress?  Haha...never thought of that...

Other than my wedding dress, I don't get too carried away with Valentine's Day.  All I've got displayed in my home right now is this sweet little ceramic made-in-Japan heart, which is perfect for holding old Valentines...

...and an old Fanny Farmer heart-shaped candy box under my...

...Christmas tree! 

Yes, I will sheepishly admit that although I put away (most) of my Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago,  my 1960's silver aluminum tree is still up.  So, not only am I a romantic fool, but I'm a procrastinating romantic fool!

I've had a lovely start to my Valentine's Day so far...   My daughter called at 6:30 this morning asking me if I would please, please, please consider driving her to work today so that she wouldn't have to rush to take the bus.  Since I only get to see her about once a week these days, I happily said YES.   Then when she got to work (she works at a coffee shop) she happily treated me to a yummy mocha-hazelnut latte.  

That little exchange of mother-daughter love may be my only Valentine gift today - but it's plenty for me!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day today? 
I hope that I'm not the only romantic fool in Blogland...

♥ x ♥ x ♥ x ♥ x ♥


  1. I love aluminum trees! We took our decorations down about a month ago, but they've been up until Easter before...

    That is a beautiful wedding dress. Maybe you're just scaring off the wrong kind of potential suitors?

  2. Awesome post. Love the story of you and your daughter. A perfect example of love.

  3. Ah Susan, that tale of you and your daughter is what real love is all about. I keep thinking of my mum today and feeling all teary as I spent last Valentine's day with her and now she's gone.
    That wedding dress is a stunner but maybe a bit scary for a potential suitor! I love the tinsel tree, that should be admired all year round.

  4. I'm not a romantic fool I'm afraid to say but I love the wedding dress!

  5. Pssh, the silver tree matches with everything. It's totally a year round tree. Happy Valentine's Day, Dearie. :)

  6. Hey lady...I have just been missing you (totally my fault, I'm WAY behind in my g-reader) and wanted to say hi. Are you on twitter? I was looking for you! Hope you are well and have a wonderful V-day! I love your silver tree...they have a special place in my heart!

  7. Happy Valentine's day! Well over here it is no tradition, but since globalization you cannot escape some hearts of course. I decorate a little but to hubby and me every day is Valentine's day for 30 years and still going strong (read we both are totally non romantic, but very happy people) as long as you are having fun everything is alright don't you think?

  8. Of course you are not the only romantic fool the blogosphere, I dare to share this honor with you Lady! It is curious that wedding dress .. I spent yesterday (San Valentin) with my mom and I returned to teaching her wedding dress and photo album, this was in the late 50s .... I have to go back to take pictures.

  9. Thank you for sending some luv my way on VDay. I spent my evening with two Ghiradelli Chocolate Bars, and did some shopping (not buying) on Etsy/eBay. Well, it was really research, not shopping. A perfect night!

    Kate, it's not just your fault - mine too! No, I'm not on Twitter. Thinking about it though...

    Glad that you don't all think I'm too weird for still having my tree up!

    Please share more Valentine's stories - I would love to hear about your night, romantic or not!

  10. If you ever decide ro part with that dress...l would wear it all the time. If it was roo small.for me, l would happily give up food to get onto it. THAT is how much l love your dress.

    Apart from dress love..l am a romantic, but don't like the forced and baseness of Valentines. My husband did cook for me..but then again, he was home first, so he would have had to cook anyway. And be bought me chocolates. I prefer gestures that cost nothing and last longer, like a message written on a steamed up mirror or a lingering kiss. But then again l trounce about like a Disney princess (l'm thinking 'Enchanted'?) so l am, as they say, a dreamer. Happy Valentines though! x

  11. I apologise if some of my comment didn't make sense (sighs) my phone apparently knows exactly what lm trying tp type. NOT.

  12. Lady Cherry - I can just imagine you trouncing about like a Disney princess. Romantic...Dreamer...they're in the same family. :-)

  13. Um,can't join you in being a romantic fool,but I love the cheesey Japanese ceramic heart!!

  14. What a beautiful wedding dress. Where did you find your mannequin? I wore my mother's 1946 wedding dress when I married in 1980 and I'm sad to say that beautiful dress is in a bag in my closet ever since. I have been blessed with only sons so I've been looking for a few years now for some way to display it. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your daughter.

  15. Such a GORGEOUS dress! I wore my mother-in-law's 1966 wedding dress on my wedding day in 1996. I wanted to wear my mother's 1966 wedding dress but it was way too small! My mom was 88 pounds when she married Dad!

  16. I hope you found your Aqua Velva Man on V Day. Thought you might enjoy this ad:

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog and I had fun going down in the posts on yours as I love vintage and all those beautiful graphics. I also enjoyed how you had coffee taking your daughter to her job, thought that was so sweet and something I would love to do. Personally I would not say I'm romantic. I don't require Valentine gifts of love from my husband or birthday or Christmas gifts either. Maybe it's because I'll be married 50 years this year in Sept.

  18. Nan - 50 years! That's wonderful! I'm so glad you stopped by...

    Michael - love that Aqua Velva commercial. I'll have to hang on to that one!

    Tara - How nice that you could wear your mother-in-law's dress. Your mother was 88 pounds!! I can't imagine...

  19. Susan I'm late but instead of wishing you a happy Valentine's DAY I will wish you the maximum amount of love you can possibly get're my favorite follower!;)

  20. Very sweet story!

    My tree is still up as well. We took down the Christmas ornaments and covered it with my vintage doggie pins!

  21. Oh, Lexy - you are a sweetheart!

    Lizzie - So glad to hear your tree is still up too! Vintage doggie pins? I'm trying to imagine...sounds a little quirky, but fun!



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