Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cafe au Lait Sunday...and Dreamy Vintage Milk Glass

Sipping on a latte...slowly waking up...and looking forward to a Sunday that's wide open for me to do whatever I want. 

I can be very productive, or very lazy - and nobody will know which I choose to be today.  One of the luxuries of living alone...

Java Homage to Seurat - Artwork by CJK - Copyright 1995 Interface Interprises

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my milk glass collection because it kind of fits with my dreamy state.  And it definitely fits with my love of adding lots of frothy milk to my espresso each day! 

I can imagine a few of you are rolling your eyes at the mention of "milk glass."  I used to turn up my nose at it too.  No wonder, since many of the newer pieces from the 60's and 70's, the stuff you and I run into most often, has a flat chalky look - and can be downright ugly, and old-fashioned in a tacky way.

But some of the glass, especially the older milk glass, has a beautiful depth and fire to it.  And there are an endless variety of designs and patterns to capture your imagination!

Look at these milk glass treasures that I found on Etsy.  Milk glass comes in several colors, including a soft blue and pink - but my favorite will always be white...


'A Splash of Milk in Your Morning Coffee...' by SarsaparillasBoudoir

My mornings aren't complete without a bit of white milk in my dark coffee. I think it's the combination of colors I enjoy more than the taste. In the same way, you can add a splash of white to your home with milk glass pieces - and get the thrill of white against dark woods or bright spring colors.

Vintage Westmoreland Lattice...

Large...Vintage...Fire King....

Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass P...

decorative small milk glass ...

Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail V...

Fenton Hobnail Creamer - Vin...

Vintage pink milk glass comp...

8 Vintage White Cut Milk Gla...

Vintage Milk Glass Compote P...

Vintage Milk Glass Candy Dis...

milk glass platter

Dreaming of Spring . large w...

Vintage Rustic Milk Glass We...

Fenton 4 Horn Milk Glass Epe...

Vintage Westmoreland Milk Gl...


I'm pretty new to the world of milk glass, so I'm not going to attempt to give you an overview of the Who What When and Where of milk glass collecting.  But if you're interested in exploring further, here are a few links to articles and websites that might be helpful:

Article: A Menagerie in Milk Glass
Milk Glass (lots of good stuff here)
National Milk Glass Collectors Society
Glass Encyclopedia
National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club

In the meantime, I view my job as simply providing you with some visual candy, and hopefully persuading you that milk glass can be beautiful.
Here are some favorites from my own collection that I thought you might enjoy...

This lacy milk glass centerpiece bowl was produced by Westmoreland Glass Co. in the 1950's, and is in the gorgeous Doric pattern (D-19).  Offering this one for sale on Etsy, if you're interested...

And these are some pieces from my collection that I'm not quite ready to part with yet...

I'm keeping this set of six milk glass plates because I am envisioning how lovely these would look topped with pretty slices of celebratory cake and buttercream frosting.  My daughter and/or son are bound to get married someday down the road and will need an engagement party...

I love the pretty "Forget Me Not"  and lattice border on these plates.  These are unmarked, but look very much like Westmoreland plates I've seen.  Mine have age cracks on the base of the plates, which I think adds to the charm!

I purchased this beautiful compote years ago in a local antique store - back in my married days when I had enough "play money" to be able to occasionally afford antique store prices.  

I fell in love with its elaborate swirls and scrolls.  Quite elegant, don't you think?

Until just recently, the maker of this compote was a complete mystery to me.  But I've discovered that it was likely produced by the French glass company, Portieux Vallerysthal.  I'm still uncertain of its age.  Whether new-ish or antique, I think it's gorgeous.

I bought this milk glass compote just this past summer.  I haven't yet had time to research it, so the glass maker and pattern is still a mystery to me.

It's a large compote - about 9" tall - and quite heavy.  I think that it's so majestic looking.  Right now, it's sitting on top of my antique upright piano - which is the place of honor in my home for all my favorite vintage finds.  I like the way the light comes in through the old 1920s piano window and makes all of my antique glass look so bright and cheery!

So have I piqued your interest in milk glass...just a bit?   I hope so...

And now it's time for me to head downstairs and make myself another dreamy latte.  What's your bet on the kind of day I'm going to have today - lazy or productive?  I'll never tell!


  1. You are an education! My Grandma had quite a bit of the Victorian stuff and I had no idea it was called "Milk glass" in fact, when I scrolled down I was expecting glass tumblers for drinking milk from.
    Your collection is so pretty. xxx

  2. Oh my god..
    You just gave me a new obsession, for milk glasses.
    I love love love it.
    I will definitly explore the world of milk glasses, thanks to you.

  3. Your compotes are amazing! My dad actually has several pieces that his grandmother left to him that are just beautiful. You're right about the stuff from the 60s and 70s--a lot of it is horrible.

  4. AGH!!! I love milk glass! those lattice plates are the best!!!

  5. Your collection is beautiful, especially when placed next to the light to show it off.

    I vote you had a lazy day ;o)

  6. Hmm, I reckon you started the day off slowly then got some listings done! And yes, you've now piqued my interest in milk glass, I didn't know there were so many beautiful pieces made.

  7. You write well Susan. I hope the Etsy and eBay biz is booming. As for guessing about your productivity this Sunday, I think the blizzard kept you indoors sipping a lot of lattes and dreaming like Eartha Kitt:

    Enjoy the video and be careful shoveling. :-)

    - Michael

  8. I'd vaguely heard of the stuff.I don't think I've seen any over here.Not my scene,but it is pretty.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have to admit I was expecting mugs when I read the first lines of your post!! I feel so dumb now!;) But I'm french so I have an excuse!

  11. They are fantastic! I was just give two stemmed bowls they look like ruffles and the top is regular glass. I have been eying them in her attic for years! Someday i hope to have a collection as beautiful as yours.

    Hope your staying warm in the milk glass world we have been living in the last few days! :-)

  12. Your glass collection is amazing!!! Glass is very collectible over here too. Dutch collectors specialize in dutch designer glass like Copier, Leerdam, if you are interested, just google! I don't see much milk glass here though. Have a lovely day, enjoy it!

  13. Just love those plates, even if they only had a pink iced cupcake on them.
    I have quite a collection of Depression green glass, but milk glass is beautiful.

  14. So milk glass isn't all ugly after all, Susan! My gosh, you have some REALLY beautiful pieces!!!

  15. that all looks beautiful, you have photographed them so well with the light glowing through them! I never thought I would want milk glass so much!

  16. I have observed that milk glass is making a comeback, partly because designers like Eddie Ross are partial to it, and I think it's high time affordable milk glass becomes popular with a new generation. You have some lovely examples in your collection, Susan, and the other pieces in this post are drool-worthy!

  17. Hello everybody - thanks for stopping by. Glad that (most of) you are intrigued with the milk glass. I'm realizing that it must be more common here in the States than abroad...

    Mitzi - I'm always behind the times when it comes to current fashions in home decorating, but I can see where milk glass would fit in nicely with the all-white/cream trend. (Ha! Maybe that's even the current trend anymore, what do I know!)

    Lili - I haven't heard of Copier or Leerdam Dutch glass. I'm going to have to Google it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Michael & Dress Dame - I was almost ready to write a post about Winter being dead and gone - and then we get that blizzard! And now I hear that the weather is going to dip into below zero temps again - aaargh!

    Michael - You come up with the greatest videos/websites. Me as Eartha Kitt? Haha. But you're right, the song "Just An Old Fashioned Girl" fits. She has the most intriguing voice...

  18. p.s. Anyone who guessed that I had a lazy rather than productive day on Sunday was right!

  19. somehow missed this post. wow, how beautiful!!!

  20. That compote with the light shining through it is beautiful!

  21. Beautiful photos, Susan! The details are breathtaking! My husband's bubbe had a lovely collection of milk glass! My mother-in-law has it on display in her house.

  22. I love milk glass, and I have most of my Mom's.....just can't part with it right now.I wish I could figure out how to put a link from your blog to mine...if you read this can you write to me and tell me.

  23. the pattern on the white compote is Moon and Stars

    I miss you



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