Friday, March 4, 2011

To Be, or Not to Be...

Sorry for the long absence. Like Hamlet, I've been caught up in an internal debate...

Hamlet has been filmed many times, but few can hold a candle to Sir Laurence Olivier's portrayal of the Danish prince in 1948.

My dilemma is (thankfully) not quite as serious as deciding whether to live or to die, but rather...

To Blog, or Not to Blog? That is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler to keep my blog alive, even if it suffers terribly from neglect.
Or simply end it - so that I can focus all my energies on my latest passion of selling on eBay and Etsy?

I know that many of you have faced this same dilemma.  So what do you do when something important comes along that steals away all the time that you used to spend on blogging?  The easy answer is - Well, just stop blogging!  Or - just blog occasionally whenever you have the time...

But it's not that easy for me. When I truly care about something, I want to do it well.  My blog is my baby!  I gave it life, nurtured it, watched it blossom!

And these past few weeks, while I've been devoting all of my time to my antique business - I can hear it calling out to me in the night, like a child....

Feed me! I'm hungry for attention!

So I'm torn between two loves right now. And I'm not quite sure what the future holds for "A Sip of Sarsaparilla." I know that for at least the next month or so, I will likely be visiting your blogs less often (which makes me sad), and my posts will be sporadic. And then maybe after a little break, I might find a renewed energy for blogging. Or this could be my last post...

IF this does turn out to be my last post...this is the dress I want to be wearing when my blog is laid to rest...

A beautiful ivory Edwardian era lacy dress...worthy of its own Shakespearean soliloquy or sonnet...

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and temperate..." 

I discovered this antique dress at a high-end estate sale last summer - and my heart stopped when I saw it!  I paid $70 for it - quite a bit more than I spent on any other vintage purchase all year.  But I think it was worth every penny, and more! 

Look at these romantic bell sleeves...

And the variety of laces and pleating and embroidery...

I think it's almost more beautiful from the back view... 

These photos were obviously taken months ago, before winter settled in. grass, and sunlight shining through the airy lace!  Can't wait for spring!

Lots of snaps on this early 1900's dress - years before zippers were used in clothing...

I hope you enjoyed the dress - because I enjoyed sharing it with you!

You know, I'm pretty sure I'll be back. 
In the meantime, warm spring wishes to you...



  1. Great post, this is indeed a dilemma faced by many a blogger. We would certainly miss you if you stopped blogging all together, perhaps a post here and there, when you have time, would satisfy the masses.

    As for that dress, it's incredible. My mother has something similar all sealed up in her closet, so many snaps on that thing! What are your plans for this lovely garment? If you wear it, that certainly warrants another blog post :)

    All the best,

  2. Ah, thanks Ginger...
    My plans for the dress? Unfortunately it's about 3 sizes too small! (I think so, anyway - I'm afraid to try it on) But it looks gorgeous displayed in my bedroom. I'm keeping this one - I have no intentions of selling it unless I get desperate!

  3. Keep blogging and have your blog with Ebay and etsy links for us all.Id go looksee.
    I so LOVE that dress.

  4. I do understand, as we've discussed. I never have time around Nov/Dec time to dedicate to blogging just by the nature of my business, and when I go to events I don't blog for a good week or so sometimes.

    You know my opinion, stay! It's doesn't matter even if you take a sabbatical, we'll be here. I enjoy reading your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you.

    But I also understand the perfectionist thing cos I'm like that! However as I get older I know I can't do everything 100%

    Anyhoo, I got the christmas goodies and took pics as part of a blog post, pop over cos you'll see how much I loved them and my OH ooohed and ahhed at everything that was opened!

  5. Oh, that dress is so beautiful! Great post :)

  6. You know what, I usually only follow visual blog if you know what I mean...cause I tend to be disappointed by girls writing too much about clothes and I'm fond of photography. You're the only one I love to read, no matter the subject so please stay!;)even if you go on holidays for a long period of time we your followers will still be there when you'll come back!

  7. Hmm, quelle dilemma. It depends on WHY you're blogging. Is it for personal enjoyment or to promote your business? Or another reason? Only you can answer this, of course...I'll just say that I like your posts, they are well researched and thought out, and as such they obviously take quite some time to put together, so I'll understand if it's too much to continue. Best wishes to you.xx.

  8. That dress is truly a thing of beauty! Just do an occasional post when you can, it is better than stopping altogether.

  9. Lovely dress! And as to blogging there are no it as much or as little as you want. I think you'll find things that you'll want to blog about as you do all your other projects. And we'll be here ready to see and hear you.

  10. Just come back when you can. I've just discovered your blog so would be sorry to have come in at the end, but you must do whatever makes you happiest.

    Beautiful dress, thank you for the pictures.

  11. :( you have to stay! Even if its not that often, my post title twin! x

  12. One can only hope you will find some time to add a post now and again, as you add a highlight to the day when they are read.

    Let's all consider this the sabbatical to rejuvenate those typing fingers, and perhaps overworked brain cells.

    The dress is divine, and as you said worth every penny.

    Enjoy your time spent in spring endeavors.

  13. Sporadic postings are postings still ... don't abandone your posts. :-)

    Here's a video that I hope refreshes your inner blogger:

  14. I think all of us bloggers have had this dilemma at one point.. Just do whatever's right for YOU :) Love the dress btw, it's a work of art!

    Miss K

  15. Oh, no, please do not disappear! All bloggers have been through this, there is a real life parallel to the blog, but your blog is special!
    You relax as we wait here.

  16. I'll miss you if you go, Susan! Your posts a re always so full of joy.
    Why not post once a month or so? We aren't going anywhere. xxx

  17. I don't think anyone (or very few people) blog as often over time as they do when they start out. Nothing the matter with that ... take a break, do what you can whenever you can, and think how happy people will be when you post!

  18. Yes blogging takes alot of time , at times I feel like giving up on mine also.
    Love the white lawn dress, so pretty.

  19. Mmm blogger's dilemma...only you can make a decision, but perhaps it consoles when I say that we all are suffering from that from time to time. And that there is no such thing as an obligation to blog once a ...

    Love the dress, thanks for sharing!

  20. You're all so sweet... How can I possibly give YOU up?!!

  21. LOVE that dress! I'm with you on the blog thing. I don't even know the date of my last entry, but I know it was February. There's just too many things going on right now and I elected to let the past drop back a bit. My big craft table that I sort things I want to scan on is now covered with tax paperwork. When I get caught up I'll be back to Madeline's Memories. So my advice to you, dear friend, is to do the same. Let go for a while if you need to. I'll still check in to see if you've posted something. Blogging is not a requirement to a happy life!

  22. First of all, please keep blogging if at all have a knack for putting together great posts that are a cut above many that are out there.....and second of all, that gown is so wonderful! Thanks for pointing out all of the gorgeous details.

  23. what a gorgeous dress. Hope you find some time now and then to keep your blog going xxx

  24. fabulous dress, atleast once a week amor.

  25. One of the hardest things to do is "cut back" on something we love doing, but stick with it, and when we do do it, continue to do it well. I hope that will be the case with you! Love your blog, and hope you can find the balance that will allow you to be satisfied with doing the occasional post! Hopefully it will not be an "all or nothing" decision on your part! Keep up the great work!

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