Friday, April 23, 2010

April Angel figurine, 1950's, Napco Ceramic, Japan

She's almost as sweet as my favorite April Angel, my daughter.
Yes Rachel, if you're reading this, I really do mean it. Happy Birthday!


  1. Stumbled across this old post while I was doing some research for my new website about Napco. Love the photo. A cute collectible from the Angel of the Month series. Are those easter eggs?

  2. Hi Rob. Glad you stopped by. Yes, those are Easter eggs.

    I stopped by your new website and blog - wonderful! I love figurines, esp. older ones.

  3. I have some very old Napco birth month angels and I have been trying to find some information on them. The # on the bottom is A4588 and they just have the name of the month without angel behind it. Eg (April Angel)mine just say April. They all have fur band around skirts. Can anyone point me in right direction to find some info on them?

  4. Anonymous, My grandmother died when I was six and left me an April Angel. My nephew broke it and i have been looking for it ever since. I have come close, but not finding the exact one. Mine has the work April and not angel. It sounds like you have the same one. Where can I find one? Any suggestions?

  5. I broke my March angel that my mother gave me, she is gone and now so is the angel. Trying to replace it- has gold angel halo, holding in her left hand is a little green leprechaun pipe, in her hair is a green bow on the left side of her head, and on the left side of her dress in the front is a long flowing green bow. Please help me find her. 2016 desperate

  6. I have 2 boy and girl. Would like to know value


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