Sunday, April 18, 2010

Better Than Par

My ex-boyfriend caught me by surprise yesterday by inviting me to go golfing with him.

I made a few lucky shots, but on the whole I played a pretty lousy game.
I didn't care, though.
Some things in life are better than par.
And I'm not talking about a candy bar.


"Wise is the golfer who carries a Baby Ruth in his pocket.
What a feast it is at the hungry ninth.
Stimulating, pure chocolate, plumply bulging with meaty nuts
whose toasted crispness gives rare flavor to the creamy fudge center in which they await your pleasure.
Here is enjoyment better than par - a generous goodness which satisfies your hunger deliciously;
a nourishing bracer which creates eager energy
for a lustier game on the last long nine...."
Vintage 1929 ad for Curtiss Baby Ruth candy bar, featured in June 1929 Photoplay magazine
Hmm...what exactly are they selling here?
They sure don't write advertising copy like they used to! :-)

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